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1Free bus services

Student bus services that operate in a rural area (wholly outside an urban or town area), and travel to the local intake area school do not charge a fare. These services are only available to child students, and do not require a Student Bus Pass for free travel.

If you would like to view the school intake areas within Tasmania, please refer to the Department of Education school intake area maps.

2Fare charging bus services

Students are required to pay a fare on bus services that travel to or from, or wholly within, an urban or town area. The student fares page on this website has more information about fares and ticketing.

Students who travel on a fare charging service may be eligible for a Student Bus Pass for free travel, if they meet certain criteria.

General information

If you would like to know more about school bus services generally, including operators, routes and timetables, contact Passenger Transport via email at or by calling 03 6166 3343.