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There are over 100 bus operators in Tasmania, providing bus school bus services and general access services.

If there is not a suitable school bus service, there may be a general access bus service you can use.

  • A school bus service can be used by child students only.
  • A general access service can be used by the general public.

Finding your timetable

You can find timetables by asking:

2School bus operators

Note: this is not a complete list of school bus operators in Tasmania. If your operator is not listed contact your school or Passenger Transport for assistance.

Metro Tasmania operates in greater Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.
See Metro school bus timetables.

MerseyLink operates in Devonport and surrounding towns.
See MerseyLink school bus timetables.

Calow’s Coaches operates on the East Coast of Tasmania.
See information about Calow’s Coaches school bus services.

Crawn’s Motors operates in Burnie and surrounding towns.
See Crawn’s Motors school bus timetables.

Derwent Valley Link (O’Driscolls) operates in the Derwent Valley, Sorell and Central Highlands.
See Derwent Valley Link (O’Driscolls) school bus timetables.

East Tamar Bus Lines operates in George Town and surrounding towns.
See information about East Tamar Bus Lines school bus services.

Kerger’s Coaches operates in Burnie, Penguin, and surrounding towns.
See Kerger’s Coaches school bus timetables.

Manions’ Coaches operates in Launceston and surrounding towns.
See Manions’ Coaches school bus timetables.

McDermott’s Coaches operates in Launceston and surrounding towns.
See McDermott’s Coaches school bus timetables.

Redline operates regional services state-wide.
See Redline school bus timetables.

Wells Wagons operates in the Circular Head area, including Smithton, Stanley and Wynyard.
See information about Wells Wagons school bus services.

Wisby’s Bus Service operates in the Kingborough area including Kingston, Blackmans Bay and the Channel.
See Wisby’s Bus Service school bus timetables.

Wynyard Bus Lines operates in Wynyard, Burnie, and surrounding towns, and in the greater Sorell and Oatlands areas.
See Wynyard Bus Lines school bus timetables.

3School intake area maps

School intake areas are generally prioritised when designing school bus services.  

An intake area is the geographical boundary that surrounds each government primary and combined (district) school. Sometimes called school ‘catchments’ or ‘home areas’, intake areas are set by the Department of Education.

  • Primary and district schools accept enrolments from their intake area.
  • High schools accept enrolments from certain primary and district schools.

See intake area map – electronic.
See intake area maps – PDF.

Learn more about Department of Education intake areas.

4Urban area maps

Urban area maps show the boundary between the urban area and the rural/non-urban area in each location.

This boundary is relevant to fares and concessions.  


See your suburb in greater detail using the maps below


See your suburb in greater detail using the maps below


See your suburb in greater detail using the maps below


See your suburb in greater detail using the maps below

General information

If you would like to know more about school bus services generally, including operators, routes and timetables, contact Passenger Transport: