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1What is a repairable write-off (RWO)?

An RWO is a vehicle assessed as a total loss, but can still be re-registered for use following the correct repair process.

If you would like to know more information please refer to the Written-off Vehicles register FAQs .

2How can I check if my vehicle is an RWO?

You can check your vehicle’s status to see if it classified as an RWO by:

3How do I re-register an RWO?

RWOs have a three-stage inspection process:

  1. Structural inspection at an AMBRIS
  2. General roadworthy inspection at an AIS
  3. Vehicle identity check
    1. This is performed by Transport Inspectors
    2. Identity checks are used to verify the true identity of vehicles
    3. For more information on why this is needed please refer to the Written-off Vehicles register FAQs.

5How do I book an inspection?

You will need to contact an AMBRIS directly to book an inspection.

7What am I required to take to a vehicle identity check?

When your vehicle is presented for a vehicle identity check you will need to bring:

  • Receipts for all repair work including parts and labour showing
    • The name, address and phone number of
      • The person or business providing the parts or labour
      • The purchaser or benefactor of the work
    • The date parts were purchased or work undertaken
    • A description of the parts or work undertaken
  • The Approved Inspection Station Certificate
  • The Vehicle Structural Report (from AMBRIS inspection)
  • Your Tasmanian driver licence
  • Interstate Registration Papers if applicable
  • Your completed repair diary

8What is a repair diary?

Repair diaries are used to ensure you keep records of the information needed to present at structural and identity inspections.

You may fail to pass an inspection if you do not present a completed repair diary.

For more information on repair diaries, and how to prepare one, please refer to the links below: