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The new Tasmania specifications will apply to all construction contracts advertised for tender after 1 August 2016.

5Standard Sections - 600 Series - Bridgeworks

Sec: 602 Excavations (Word, 32.5 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 603 Cofferdams (Word, 40.0 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 604 Cylinders (Word, 34.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 605 Driven Piles (Word, 78.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 606 Bored Cast-In-Place Piles (without Permanent Casing) (Word, 62.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 607 Continuous Flight Auger Piles (Word, 59.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 608 Cast-In-Place Socketed Piles (with Permanent Casing) (Word, 61.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 610 Structural Concrete (Word, 565.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 611 Steel Reinforcement (Word, 87.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 612 Post-Tensioning of Concrete Units (Word, 84.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 613 Falsework (Word, 65.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 614 Formwork (Word, 73.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 619 Manufacture, Testing and Delivery of Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts (Word, 101.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 620 Precast Concrete Units (Word, 39.5 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 622 Pre-Tensioning of Concrete Units (Word, 31.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 626 Installation of Precast Concrete Crown Unit Culverts (Word, 46.5 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 630 Fabrication of Steelwork (Word, 129.5 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 631 Protective Treatment of Steelwork (Word, 158.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 632 Buried Corrugated Metal (Steel) Structures (Word, 52.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 640 Sheet Piles (Word, 47.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 652 Supply of Elastomeric Bearings (Word, 29.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 653 Bearings (Word, 37.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 656 Installation of Elastomeric Bearings and Pads (Word, 32.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 660 Bridge Expansion Joints (Word, 45.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 670 Steel Bridge Barriers (Word, 32.5 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 671 Concrete and Combined Concrete and Steel Bridge Barriers (Word, 35.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 675 Cast Steel Barrier Railing Posts (Word, 45.5 KB). Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 680 Bonded Anchors (Word, 74.0 KB) Date: July-2021

Sec: 681 Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Word, 97.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 682 Reinforced Soil Structures (Word, 95.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 683 Soil Nail Walls (Word, 163.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 684 Sprayed Concrete (Word, 99.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 685 Anti-Graffiti Protection and Graffiti Removal (Word, 79.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 686 Coating of Concrete (Word, 107.0 KB) Date: Jan-2021

Sec: 687 Repair of Concrete Cracks (Word, 77.0 KB). Date: Aug-2019

Sec: 688 Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Strengthening of Concrete Structures (Word, 126.5 KB) Date: Aug-2019

Sec: 689 Cementitious Patch Repair of Concrete (Word, 91.0 KB) Date: Aug-2019

Sec: 691 Waterproofing of Concrete Bridge Decks (Word, 127.0 KB). Date: Jan-2021

6Standard Sections - 700 Series - Incidental Construction

7Standard Sections - 800 Series – Materials

Sec: 801 Material Sources for the Production of Crushed Rock and Aggregates (Word, 98.0 KB) Date: Aug-2020

Sec: 802 Bituminous Cold and Warm Mixes (Word, 100.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 811 Gravel, Sand and Soft or Ripped Rock for Pavement Base and Subbase (Word, 63.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 812 Crushed Rock for Pavement Base and Subbase (Word, 84.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 815 Cementitious Treated Crushed Rock for Pavement Subbase (Word, 64.5 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 831 Aggregate for Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing (Word, 77.0 KB). Date: May-2022

Sec: 853 Hot Melt Bitumen Adhesive for Raised Pavement Marker Installation (Word, 43.0 KB) Date: Aug-2016

Sec: 860 Manufacture of Road Signs (Word, 151.5 KB) Date: Oct-2017

* Note that the training requirements under Standard Section 176 Environmental Management (Minor) clause 176.A4 specify that personnel directly involved in the implementation of the EMP:

  • have demonstrated competence and suitable experience in environmental management in a construction environment; or
  • have successfully completed a nationally accredited training course which addresses management practices for erosion and sediment control (Green Card or equivalent).

Green Card or equivalent qualification accredited training providers as registered with the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) are listed on the IECA web-site via this link.

8Completed Works Forms

The Completed Works Forms templates are to be used by contractors undertaking works on the Department of State Growth's roads to record details of works, such as information related to pavement construction, traffic facilities, linemarking or other works outlined in the Department of State Growth's Standard Specifications.

The templates are to be returned as part of the Completion Works Report on the completion of works for any given project.